1rst International Seminar for Students (Post-Graduate, PHD) in Sport History

Monday 11th September – Wednesday 13th September 2017

Supervised by Dave Day (MMU) and Jean-François Loudcher (Bordeaux)

Sport Institute, rue Camille Jullian, Pessac, 33800

And University of Bordeaux, Victoire (Bordeaux 33000)


A first international seminar for PHD and Post-graduates in sport history (political and cultural perspectives) will be held at Bordeaux by 11th September to 13th September 2017 (France). All students who would like to present their work (in English) and to get a positive feed-back are welcome. Attending the seminar only is possible.

This seminar will also give the opportunity of establishing new relationships and partnerships with students and researchers coming from all over the world. It is the first of a series between the two universities (next will be at MMU).

 contact Jean-François Loucher: Jean-francois.loudcher@u-Bordeaux.fr

Télécharger le programme: Abstract séminaire Presentation